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The world is divided between ZAFT and the Earth Alliance as they war against each other. But in the background, another smaller battle is about to begin.
However, as small as it may be now, if it is mishandled, it could become a gigantic wave of a war drawing the world into its wake...

One day, an organization going by the name "Librarian" appears before junk mechanic Lowe Guele. They demand that Lowe surrender everything to them, including his freedom.
But even for easy-going Lowe, these are hard terms to swallow. As Lowe launches an attack in his Red Frame, Librarian counter-strikes with a uniquely upgraded Gale Strike Gundam and another mecha -- a Red Frame just like Lowe's.
Also, in the Red Frame's hands is the "Tiger Pierce" blade to match the "Gerbera Straight."
"Who are you!" cries Lowe, and the one who answers is the pilot of the other Red Frame. Someone, who should not be there, someone who is supposed to be dead...
Meanwhile, in Rondo Mina Sahaku's "castle," the space station "Ame-no-Mihashira," people using the name Librarian appear there as well.
Two Mobile Suits arrive here as well. One is the Hail Buster Gundam. The other is the Gold Frame, a remodelled Amatsu.
Mina is shocked to hear a voice say, "I have returned, my sister. Surely you have not forgotten me." A voice she could never forget, her other half, her supposedly dead twin brother -- the voice of Rondo Gina Sahaku!
An invasion by the mysterious and secretive Librarian organization has begun!


(the) Junk Guild
The organization which Lowe Guele belongs to. In a world seeing increasing destruction from war, they push ahead doing recoveries and repairs.
On one hand they have rights protected by international laws, but they are forbidden from actively engaging in warfare.

A space station which was originally supposed to be the top of Orb's orbital elevator. There are giant factories inside it, and it has a reserve of several Mobile Suits.
At present, Rondo Mina Sahaku, a member of the five great clans of Orb, uses it as her castle of sorts and her base of operations.

Mercenary Company Serpent Tail
A mercenary company affiliated with no official military that participates in wars only as assignments.
Even among mercenaries, Serpent Tail has already achieved legendary status. However, its strength lies in the strength of the ties between its members.

From the word meaning a specialist in the care or management of a library. Here it is a mysterious organization which suddenly launches attacks against Lowe Guele of the Junk Guild, and Rondo Mina Sahaku of Orb.
Their aims are not military actions or controlling civilians or the like. They act according to their own unique set of values.
Their scale as an organization is unclear, but they have data on all Mobile Suits developed to date, and detailed data on ace pilots (even to the genetic level). Using this data, they strengthen and redesign existing mecha for their own use. Because they possess data even beyond military levels, they have several mechas which have been improved beyond imagining.

Carbon Humans
Created from data on individuals possessed by Librarian, these are specific people who can be recreated limitlessly.
Like a "carbon copy", these are "similar but differing replications," and so are called "Carbon Humans."
They are not clones, but are created from the implanting of specific DNA and memories into someone else. Depending on the DNA used, this technology produces a result similar to Coordinators.
Using this technology, it is also possible to resurrect someone who has already died. However, how much the Carbon Human resembles the original person is something which depends on the data on the individual which Librarian possesses, and Carbon Humans cannot be created from people on whom there is insufficient information.